4 weeks ago

Wells Fargo trims auto loans as market cools, risk overhaul kicks in

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) is scaling back and remolding its auto lending business in response to growing stress in the market, as well as a bank-wide push for more centralized risk controls.

Wells, which was the No. 2 U

2 months ago

Used Car Expert Says Buying Used Is "Greener"

People like flashy new cars over used cars despite the environmental implications and huge cost savings for no-car families. I never had the luxury of driving in a new car when I was a kid. My dad insisted on patching jalopies together. My starkes read more...

3 months ago

Ways To Make Your Next Auto Purchase A Breeze

Purchasing a vehicle should be a fun experience. Driving in a new, shiny car can be fun and the shopping part should be too. A lot of people get stressed out when they are buying a car, but you can be calm about it. Keep these tips in mind to have read more...

8 months ago

Automobile Shopping Made Easy In This Article!

Perhaps you haven't had the best experience when it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle. Many people have come out on the wrong side of a deal, but the good news is that this is easily corrected. If you feel confident in your abilities, you read more...

9 months ago

Looking For A New Car? Check Out These Tips.

When buying a car, you should ensure that you obtain the best value. How can you do that with high pressure sales tactics at play? With a little research, it is possible to make the car buying experience a good one.

Make sure that you have

11 months ago

Loans / Lease :: Car Loans

Car loans in general can be hard to understand if you have never purchased a car. T read more...

12 months ago

Nvidia debuts new Titan Xp top-end GPU, now with Mac support

Nvidia debuts new Titan Xp top-end GPU, now with Mac support - ExtremeTech